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New Beginning Gospel Music is proud to offer a wide array of celestial gospel music choices. The mission of New Beginning Gospel Music is to spread the word of God’s divine influence through song. In understanding that we must keep our faith in God and praise His name, we dedicate our musical endowment to conveying the power of the Holy Spirit.



As time goes by, it is natural for us to have a tendency to forget to count our blessings. However, the grace, joy and security of gospel music will allow us to remain committed to the Higher Power, while entertaining our principles. New Beginning Gospel Music will provide for you a plethora of music production services, as we are a facility for gospel music artists and organizations.



The company was formed in 2005, and named in honor of the renowned New Beginning Full Gospel Church in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Under the direction of Founder and Gospel Music Performer Dr. Wayne A. Gooden, a former Federal Police Officer, the company continues to grow and showcase the music that accentuates our love of the Lord. As Dr. Gooden has had the blessed assurance of God’s great love in times of tragedy and disaster, he has been able to utilize his singing and writing talents to produce songs that evoke his gratitude and love for God.

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